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Quality Policy

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance plans are prepared in accordance with specific requirements stated by the customer and respective ASTM specifications, mandatory and supplementary requirements are translated to special instructions and audits performed during manufacture and inspection. Inspection stages and check hold points are decided to carry out in process inspection and record important stages of inspection and tests.

Material Control System

This system controls the quality of all incoming material. The incoming material specifications are co-related with Raw Material test certificates of the material. The checks and test are documented. The material is given internal control No. and same is recorded for future reference.

Process Control System

During forming, Forging and Heat treatment, process control system outlines in-process checks and controls to be followed during heat treatment and testing. Forging and interim heat treatment in the process control reduces the chances of introduction of variables in the process.

Each lot of fittings as defined in ASTM specifications are subjected to heat treatment and testing. Testing is performed in accordance with specification requirements. Test data is evaluated by QA department and recorded in appropriate format, supplementary test like radiography, ultrasonic, corrosion testing etc. is done as per code guide lines.

Third Party Inspection

Grand Metal Corporation offers its products to client with third party inspection also. The inspection Agency can be nominated by clients also or Panache Industries arrange the Third Party Inspection by world reputed Third Party Inspection Agencies as follows

Quality Certificate