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Titainium Fittings

Grand Metal Corporation is well known manufacturer, supplier and Stockist of Titanium fittings. We are known for carrying the best quality Titanium pipe fittings in the country. We have a constant stock, through our policy of replenishing the set as soon as material is dispatched. We have the fastest delivery service, with the same day delivery available for urgent orders. We have supplied these valves to many countries, all over the world. Our performance over the last two decades has gained us the trust of millions of customers. We are well known for providing our clients with the best buying experience. We are among the few suppliers they can blindly trust, as we hold customer satisfaction as our primary motive.

What is a Titanium
Titanium is one of the most abundant metals on Earth. Not only the physical abundance, but the abundance of properties which allow its applications in a large section of the industrial sector. It exhibits a unique, and favourable set of properties, namely low modulus of elasticity, very high resistance to corrosion by forming a passive oxide film and excellent ductility. It is highly cost efficient because of an attractive application to price ratio, and durability (relatively longer life). It has a high tensile strength almost equal to those of several low density alloys, but is approximately 40% lighter than them. High thermal stability is also one of the important properties of titanium sheets.

Titanium 5 and Titanium 2 are two of the most important alloys of the metal. Titanium 5 has excellent resistance towards crack propagation and fatigue. It works the best at ambient temperatures as it exhibits really good tensile strength and creep resistance in that range.

Titanium 2 is used when corrosion resistance is needed. It also shows appreciable ductility. Titanium sheet has numerous applications. They are used in aerospace engineering and surgical implants. They are also used in chemical industries. They are used where good electrical conductivity is required. Moreover, Titanium is the metal of the future. Because of the multi folded benefits, it is likely to find application in the upcoming projects like in the Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Plants.

Grades and standards
Ti Grade 1 (CP Ti) R50250 Grade 1 W.Nr. 3.7025 T-35
Ti Grade 2 (CP Ti) R50400 Grade 2 W.Nr. 3.7035 T-40
Ti Grade 3 (CP Ti) R50550 Grade 3 W.Nr. 3.7055 T-50
Ti Grade 7 R52400 Grade 7 W.Nr. 3.7235 -
Ti Grade 9 R56320 Grade 9 W.Nr. 3.7195 T-A3V2.5
Ti Grade 11 R52250 Grade 11 W.Nr. 3.7225 -
Ti Grade 12 R53400 Grade 12 W.Nr. 3.7105 -
Ti Grade 16 R52402 Grade 16 - -
Ti Grade 17 R52252 Grade 17 - -
Ti Grade 26 R52404 Grade 26 - -
Ti Grade 28 R52254 Grade 28 - -
Grade Description
Ti Grade 1 (CP Ti) Relatively low-strength and high-ductility pure titanium (Cp).
Ti Grade 2 (CP Ti) Medium-strength pure titanium (Cp).
Ti Grade 3 (CP Ti) High strength pure titanium (Cp).
Ti Grade 7 Medium-strength Pd-alloyed titanium for enhanced corrosion properties.
Ti Grade 9 High-strength titanium alloyed with 3% Al and 2.5% V.
Ti Grade 11 Low-strength titanium plus 0.12-0.25% Pd for enhanced corrosion properties.
Ti Grade 12 High-strength titanium alloy plus 0.3% Mo and 0.8% Ni for enhanced corrosion properties.
Ti Grade 16 Medium-strength titanium plus 0.04-0.08% Pd for enhanced corrosion properties.
Ti Grade 17 Low-strength titanium plus 0.04-0.08% Pd for enhanced corrosion properties.
Ti Grade 26 Medium-strength titanium plus 0.08-0.14% Ru for enhanced corrosion properties.
Ti Grade 28 High-strength titanium alloy plus 3% Al, 2.5% V and 0.08%-0.14% Ru for enhanced corrosion properties.
Type of product Grade(s) Technical requirements*
according to
Titanium tubes and pipes Ti and Ti alloy grades 1, 2, 3, 7, 9, 11, 12, 16, 17, 26 and 28 ASTM B337, ASTM B338, ASME SB338
NACE MRO 175-94
VdTÜV 230/2
Dimensional tolerances acc. to DIN 17861 D3/T3 or closer
Mechanical properties
Sandvik grade UNS Proof strength Tensile strength Elongation
Rp0.2 MPa min Rm MPa min A % min
Cp Ti Grade 1 R50250 138-310 240 24
Cp Ti Grade 2 R50400 275-450 345 20
Cp Ti Grade 3 R50550 380-550 450 18
Ti Grade 7 R52400 275-450 345 20
Ti Grade 9 R56320 483 620 15
Ti Grade 11 R52250 138-310 240 24
Ti Grade 12 R53400 345 483 18
Ti Grade 16 R52402 275-450 345 20
Ti Grade 17 R52252 138-310 240 24
Ti Grade 26 R52404 275-450 345 20
Ti Grade 28 R52254 483 620 15
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