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Equipments ERW Pipes

Manufacturer of comprehensive Equipment ERW Pipes (Electric Resistance Welded)

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Grand Metal Corporation is very well-known manufacturer, exporter & suppliers of Equipment ERW Pipes, Electric Resistance Welded available in a variety or grades, materials, and finishes, in metric and inch sizes. full line metal product fastener distributor specializing in industrial products for companies which are involved plant project, these ERW pipes & tubes, we utilize superior quality, continuous casted, fully killed, fin-grain, control-rolled, low carbon steel. High strength corrosion resistance, high malleability, superior strength, sturdy & durability are the special features of high performance

Grand Metal Corporation carries a variety of Equipment ERW Pipes ASTM/ASME A312 TP 310S ERW Pipes, ASTM/ASME A312 TP 321 ERW Pipes, ASTM/ASME A312 TP 347 ERW Pipes, ASTM/ASME A312 TP 347H ERW Pipes, ASTM/ASME A312 TP 310 ERW Pipes. We supply Equipment ERW Pipes at reasonable price.

Useful Information of Equipment ERW Pipes

Arc welding Atomic hydrogen (Athydo/AHW)
Electrogas (EGW)
Flux-cored (FCAW)
Gas metal (Microwire/MIG/GMAW)
Gas tungsten (Heliarc/TIG/GTAW)
Plasma (PAW)
Shielded metal (Stick/MMA/SMAW)
Submerged (SAW)
Other processes Electric resistance (ERW)
Electron beam (EBW)
Electroslag (ESW)
Friction stir (FSW)
Friction stud
Laser beam (LBW)
Magnetic pulse
Oxyacetylene (OAW)
Spot (RSW)
Equipment Electrode
Filler metal
Power supply
Shielding gas
Related terms Heat-affected zone
Residual stress

Application Areas

• Structural and engineering purposes: Fencing, line pipes, scaffolding
• Water and gas conveyance, oil country tubular
• Automobiles Sector (Tremendous increase in usage in recent years)
• Agriculture Sector
• Hand pumps for deep boring wells, Drinking water in housings
• Collieries for extraction of Water, Thermal Powers
• For strong protection of cables by Telecom Department

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